MIDTRONICS Advancing Battery Management

Cars / Light Trucks

For cars and light trucks, Midtronics offers a full range of battery testers, chargers and electrical system analyzers.

From inexpensive handhelds to comprehensive, sophisticated diagnostic charging equipment, Midtronics solutions ensure customer satisfaction by preventing problems and save dealerships, battery retailers and service garages money by reducing warranty claims.

With proven performance statistics to back them up, it’s no surprise that our products are required tools for warranty management and preventative maintenance at worldwide.



The DSS-5000 Battery Service Diagnostic System features Conductance Profiling™, a patented technology designed to provide battery status information beyond State of Charge (SOC) and State of Health (SOH) -- than available via either traditional load or conductance testing.


EXP Series

EXP series expandable electrical diagnostic platform analyzers include several technology innovations and enhancements to provide unparalleled accuracy and decision-making.


MDX Series

MDX Series battery testers and electrical system analyzers incorporate more than 20 years of experience designing testing tools featuring industry-standard conductance technology for nearly every car and truck OEM in the world.


PBT Series

The Midtronics PBT series offers the advantages of OEM technology at a toolbox price. Multiple models provide different test capabilities from simple battery testing to complete battery and electrical system testing.


inTECH Series

AGM and lead-acid battery testing in one convenient hand-held tester, providing quick and accurate diagnostics for battery State of Health and State of Charge.


IDR-10 inGEN Diagnostic Data Recorder

The inGEN Diagnostic Data Recorder is a continuous monitoring tool that will help you quickly identify and fix hard-to-diagnose electrical system problems.