MIDTRONICS Advancing Battery Management

Midtronics ING-100 Battery Management System

Continuous diagnostic monitor for heavy-duty battery and electrical systems

The ING-100 system provides the following information:

  • Tractor starting battery voltage
  • Auxiliary battery voltage
  • Current draw to and from auxiliary battery pack
  • System temperature (battery characteristics are affected by temperature changes)
  • Auxiliary batteries State of Charge (% of charge remaining) and State of Health (% of initial full capacity remaining)
  • Run time remaining at battery instantaneous current draw

Ideal for managing no-idle loads, the ING-100 system features:

  • Relays to switch auxiliary batteries into and out of tractor battery charging system
  • Customizable software for battery loads and system profiles
  • Integrated pins provide connections to auxiliary batteries, starting batteries, CAN Bus communication, and customer-provided relays/solenoids
  • LED to indicate system status
  • Electronics are potted to provide protection against environmental damage
  • Optional display and wiring harness (A302) is an easy-to-read, easy-to-install backlit unit in a compact, two-inch gauge form factor
    • Three buttons provide easy navigation through system information screens and set-up options
    • User-customizable options for English or metric measurement units and display contrast and brightness

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